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Frequently Asked Questions

Dust-Free Sanding

  1. How much will it cost me?
    A price will be provided at the time of quote, and followed up by a full written quotation. We will also match any like for like written quotation.
  2. How long will it take?
    A standard terrace house floor can usually be sanded and finished in one day, bigger areas will take longer, but all will be explained at the time of the quote.
  3. How soon will I be able to walk on the floor once you've finished?
    In some cases you will be able to walk on the floor the same evening, but usually advisable to leave for 12 hours before light traffic, and 72 hours before full curing of finish takes place.
  4. You say the sanding will be dust-free, how does this work?
    The machines we use are the very latest 98% dust free technology. We also set up a seperate extraction system which usually takes care of the other 2%. All power tools are connected to seperate dust extractors.
  5. Do we decorate before or after sanding?
    It's fine to paint before sanding, but advisable to leave the top coat off of skirting boards before completion of sanding, as we sand right up to the edges and into all of the corners. You could always use our decorating service!
  6. What colour stains do you offer?
    We offer a full range of colour stains, finishes and offer a free colour matching and advice service. Samples will be available at the time of your quote.
  7. Do you fill the gaps between floorboards?
    Yes we can, there are several ways of filling the gaps, including resin flexible fillers and inserting strip wood, but not all floors are suitable for this. This can be assessed at the time of quote.
  8. We have found an old fireplace area in the floor that has a concrete screed - is it possible to remove this and replace with floorboards?
    Yes, we can remove this and replace with floorboards. We also offer full restoration and board replacement service should any other floor boards need replacing.
  9. Do rooms need to be clear of carpet and furniture?
    Yes, all rooms need to be clear unless agreed prior to commencing work. Carpet and furniture removal is chargeable.

Floor Finishing

  1. How long before I can walk on the floors after the finishing is carried out?
    The guideline is 12 hours for light traffic and 72 hours for the finish to become fully cured.

Floor Sander Hire

  1. If I hire a floor sander will I be provided with user instructions?
    Yes, full instructions will be provided.
  2. Can you deliver the floor sander to me?
    Yes, we will deliver the floor sander to you.

French Polishing

  1. I have a large dining table that is in need of French polishing is it possible to carry out work on site?
    Yes it is we would prefer to carry out work on site where possible.
  2. My wooden kitchen work tops are looking a bit tired and have alot of water damage; can you do anything with these?
    We can re-finsh these with a special work top oil and most water marks will come out we will can advise further at the time of quote.


  1. If I'm having floor sanding and decorating carried out at the same time, which is better to have done first?
    The entire room can be decorated apart from the skirting boards, which would be decorated after floor sanding is completed.
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